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Naturopathic lab testing is an effective way to diagnose many medical conditions. Toronto naturopathic doctor Dr. Andresen will perform both standard and specialized...

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Many people today have just resigned themselves to feeling not their best…like it’s today’s “normal”. Whether its regular headaches, low energy, poor sleep, heartburn, constipation, IBS, foggy brain, food sensitivities, frequent infections and more!
Our mission at NDcare is to help you get better and then feel great – all the time, not just apply a band-aid fix. The Naturopathic medicine approach can truly get your own body to work the way it was designed, naturally. We like to say that it “turns your health superpowers back on.”

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Dr. Tara Andresen, N.D.

With over 12 years of experience as a Naturopathic Doctor, I am licensed to deliver primary healthcare that integrates western medicine diagnostics with a wide variety of non-pharmaceutical treatments in order to improve your body’s function and health. I constantly strive to provide the best possible care for my patients and to make my practice accessible so that you can get the right healthcare that you need...

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    Digestion issues interfering in your daily life? Looking for solutions? Whether it’s IBS, acid reflux, gas & bloating, food reactions, constipation, diarrhea, or other gastrointestinal problems, we can help. We do a thorough gastrointestinal assessment and recommend effective treatment protocols to heal your digestion. Gut repair is what we do. You can get better.

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    Hormones seem ‘out of whack’? Metabolism seems sluggish? Painful, heavy, irregular, or absent menstrual cycles? Worried about fertility issues or acne? After a thorough assessment, we uncover WHY you are having this imbalance and then recommend effective, lasting solutions to support healthy hormone levels. Balancing hormones naturally is what we do. You can get better.

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    Chronic pain affecting your quality of life? Whether you experience regular headaches, ongoing neck pain or back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or other pain concerns, we can help. We conduct a comprehensive assessment and recommend natural solutions to decrease pain and improve how your body is working. Chronic pain solutions is what we do. You can get better.

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    Are allergies, frequent colds, or other infections getting in the way? Do you need help calming an overactive or weakened immune system? At NDcare, we do a comprehensive assessment to uncover why your immune system is over-or under-active and recommend effective natural treatment protocols to improve your immune health. Natural immune system regulation is what we do. You can get better.

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