What are the qualifications to become a licensed Naturopathic Doctor?

  • Tara Andresen

Naturopathic doctors are highly trained, skilled, healthcare practitioners committed to providing the best possible care for those looking for more natural treatment options than the conventional medical community provides. In Ontario, Naturopathic medicine is a regulated health profession and requires 8 years of post-secondary education, including a 4-year undergraduate degree including pre-medicine sciences and a 4.5-year post graduate program at a CNME accredited naturopathic college. In order to qualify for licensing in Ontario, Naturopathic Doctors must pass two rigorous sets of Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Exams (NPLEX I & II), the standard exams used across North America. The licensing body in Ontario is the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO). Naturopathic healthcare uses an evidence-based approach and doctors stay current with the latest in scientific research in order to provide the best possible level of healthcare. All licensed Naturopaths are required to earn continuing education credits on a regular basis and maintain their CONO registration in good standing under the Naturopathy Act of 2007.