The Naturopathic Medicine Approach to Treating SIBO

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A Naturopathic Doctor will do a thorough review of your medical history and may recommend specialized lab testing aimed at assessing diagnosing the type of SIBO present as well as the status of your gut function and any nutrient deficiencies.

Some of the specialized lab tests we commonly run to assess your gut function may include the following:

  • SIBO Lactulose Breath Test to identify and distinguish the type of bacterial overgrowths in the small intestine
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis panels to identify large intestine bacteria & yeast overgrowths, assess beneficial bacteria levels, enzyme secretion and macronutrient malabsorption issues.
  • IgG Food Sensitivity blood test panels to identify antibody reactions to different foods

Following a comprehensive assessment, Naturopathic treatment for SIBO includes a mix of dietary changes, nutritional medicine and herbal medicine therapies designed to get correct the bacterial overgrowth and get your gut working better.

Gut Repair is What We do.

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