Dry Needling Acupuncture Improves Neck & Shoulder Pain

  • Tara Andresen

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A recent 2014 clinical trial has found that dry needling is significantly more effective in reducing trapezius muscle pain than manual trigger point compression.

The trapezius muscle is a large diamond shaped muscle that connects to the base of the skull, both shoulders and mid back. Overuse, such as excess computer use, can strain this muscle and result in the development of painful trigger points that can refer pain up towards the base of the skull or across the shoulders. Dry needling has been shown to be effective in treating deactivating these trigger points and consequently reducing pain.

To find out more about dry needling for muscle pain, contact us using our short contact form. Dr. Andresen is skilled in dry needling and frequently uses this technique for relieving pain, including back, shoulder, neck, jaw, leg and arm pain.