Acute Neck Pain Treatment – Naturopathy

  • Tara Andresen

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Treating Severe Neck Pain, Naturally – It Works…

Many Naturopaths effectively treat acute neck pain. The sudden onset of acute neck pain is a common occurrence and often debilitating. The specific kind of acute neck pain we are talking about is muscular in nature, that aching discomfort that restricts head movement. One of the most common factors in acute neck pain is sudden muscle restriction due to the activation of trigger points in the muscle. Trigger points form in muscles with sudden movements and with chronic overuse. The muscle fibres get tangled and form trigger points or “knots” for lack of a better term. These points are identifiable because they cause the muscle to feel ropey or to be tender to pressure. These knots restrict muscle function and as a result limit movement and cause discomfort.

One of the most effective treatments to release trigger points is acupuncture using a specific technique to restore muscle function. This technique is known by many names including Intramuscular Stimulation, Myofascial Release Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Trigger Point Acupuncture and Medical Acupuncture. It is important that the treatment is done properly. Not all acupuncturists or other practitioners, including Naturopaths, who use acupuncture needles know how to release trigger points and to do so effectively. Skilled practitioners will palpate the muscle to locate the trigger point and then insert the needle into that trigger point eliciting a local muscle twitch response. The twitch response will signal a release of the trigger point. In addition to the twitch response, there may be some heaviness and mild achiness felt in the area of needle insertion, which also indicated a favourable reaction to treatment. If neither a twitch response or achiness occurs, it is unlikely that the treatment was done properly or that it will help with the associated muscle pain.

Acupuncture can work quickly to restore mobility in a patient with acute neck pain. It is the primary treatment used for neck pain but there are other supportive naturopathic treatments that may be recommended by Naturopath. Herbal supplements are available orally and topically to reduce inflammation and pain. In addition, heat or cold treatments may be recommended depending on the nature of the injury.

Dr. Andresen is skilled in acupuncture to treat pain conditions. To find out more about how Trigger Point Acupuncture/ Dry Needling can treat acute neck pain, book your appointment with Dr. Andresen at one of her NDcare Toronto Naturopathic Clinics.