Drinking Green Tea May Help You Feel More Full?

  • Tara Andresen

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Here is some additional evidence that drinking green tea helps with weight loss. The results of a recent randomized control trial published in the November edition of the Nutrition Journal suggest that drinking green tea helps people feel more full after a meal, and consequently, consume fewer calories. The non-control participants in this study drank 300ml of green tea with breakfast. This group experienced a significant increase in “satiety” compared to the placebo group. In addition, the participants in the green tea group reported having a less strong desire to eat their favorite food and found it less pleasant to eat another mouthful of the same food.

To find out more about effective weight loss strategies, see your Naturopathic Doctor. A Naturopath can help put together an individualized plan that meets your health goals.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Tara Andresen, ND

Dr. Tara Andresen is a registered Naturopathic Doctor (ND) practicing in Toronto, Ontario. She follows an evidence-based approach to naturopathic medicine, incorporating the latest scientific research into effective treatment plans for a wide variety of health concerns.